Dreadful 2: Halloween – 3 Campaign Dread Supplemental

Dreadful: Halloween is a bundle of three unique games for Dread to give the most fuss-free, intense game night possible.   Each game comes with everything you need to run it “out of the box” but they’re also flexible enough to change in any way you can dream up.

Each Scenario includes:

  • Setting info
  • Plot synopsis
  • 6 Character Roles + Easy-Print questionnaire sheets
  • Background Info
  • GM Section with additional info
  • 3 Act plot outline that will guide you through a cohesive narrative

The bundle is 68 pages of aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-read layouts with full color artwork and embellishments and each campaign has its own unique identity, banking on different tropes found in a variety of horror media.  Mischief Night is a heisty take on a group of teens determined to make an uptight neighborhood pay for its fun-sucking ways.  Team up, hatch a plan, and stick it to the neighborhood watch for schoolyard infamy.  Fire in the Veins is more focused on escaping a deadly, invisible enemy in the form of a semi-conscious virus that transforms an isolated, rural town into a nest of bloodthirsty hellbeasts.  Escaping with your life will be hard enough but escaping without getting infected will be next to impossible.  The Face of Chaos plays off one of the oldest horror tropes in the book.  A seemingly harmless mask brings a group of people amazing luck and solves their problems… for a bit.  But the pendulum always swings back the other way and this one brings violence, and it unearths the absolute worst in people, setting them loose on random bystanders until all hell breaks loose. 

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This product is produced by Lost Dutchman Publishing and is priced at $3.74


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