Horror at the Harvest: The Bone Lord Chronicles V.2

The small hamlet of Shadn Valley is holding their annual Pumpkin Festival in conjunction with the year’s harvest. The festival centers on an old fable which the town’s elders speak of. The story tells of a demonic creature who wears a pumpkin for its head. The creature would come out each night during the autumn months and kidnap any child who was disobedient to their parents.

You’ve come to the town as a tourist to experience the fabled Pumpkin Festival for yourself. You are looking forward to enjoying yourself, eating good food until you can’t move, and maybe getting silly drunk on Pumpkin Ale.

However, little do you know, your visit might prove more eventful . . . and horrific . . . than you expect.

Horror at the Harvest is an adventure module for the Micro Chapbook Roleplaying game system set in the mountain village of Shadn Valley in the region of Hellick Water. It is the second volume in the Bone Lord Chronicles story arc. Thus, this adventure may be played on its own or as a part of the larger campaign series of books. This Special Halloween Edition Deluxe Adventure Module includes:

  • a full festival to explore
  • festival games to play
  • new autumn-themed items and treat
  • autumn-themed magic
  • rules for lycanthropy
  • multiple dungeons
  • and more!

This product is produced by Micro RPG and is priced at $1.99


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