Shattered Dawn Second Edition Starter Kit Digital Edition

A powerful tyrant has come to power by way of saving the known 

world. In his victory he has afforded otherworldly forces to

corrupt him, subjugating the known world to his whim. Will your hero

rise to meet the prophecy? Or will you use this strife for your gain?

Shattered Dawn is a tabletop roleplaying game that has been 

carefully crafted for storytelling. After creating a unique character in 

10 to 15 minutes, your story may begin! The classless character

progression system and single die-roll mechanics of Shattered Dawn

allows you to play however you like and enjoy epic displays

of courage, wit or infamy without constantly referencing rules.

In this pdf, 4 premade characters sit in wait for you and your companions

to open the Arcmaster booklet and enjoy a level 1-6 story Arc. One

person will be the storyteller, or Arcmaster, while the others play as

characters in that story.

Enjoy, adventurer!

This product is produced by Shattered Tabletop Games and is priced at $18.00


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