SleepyOni: Wasteland Threats

SleepyOni presents Wasteland Threats, a post-nuclear isometric token set in .png  format.  A total of 61 hand-drawn varieties of Danger, focused on a post-apocalyptic and retro futurist aesthetic. Built for use in your favorite VTT.

All figures feature four isometric views, just in case character facing matters in your games.  This set includes 8 Mutants, 6 Mercenaries (+ dog), 6 Rad Zombies, 6 Plague Zombies, 6 Scorpions, 5 Androids, 4 Ants, 4 Wasteland Nightmares, 3 Wild Dogs, 3 Robots, 2 Crustaceans, and one(1) each of the following: Bear, Fly, Mole, Mutant Dog, and Rat.  Enough to get your gaming group into some real trouble in the wastelands.

Sold as a single ZIP file.

This product is produced by SleepyOni and is priced at $6.99


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