Terror at Frostrock

Welcome to Aedrenar! A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World full of adventure, designed for masked vigilantes and treasure hunters alike!

Far to the North of Vestholm, the island of Frostrock has become the center of a new mystery. Strange lights started to appear on the coast, prompting the locals to launch their own expedition to discover the secret of Frostrock. When this first expedition failed to return, the son of a local chieftain took the last of his tribe’s treasure, and has begun to recruit sailors and heroes from all over the North in a final attempt to unravel the Terror at Frostrock!

This is a horror-themed adventure meant for a party of 1st Level Adventurers. The module should take anywhere from four to eight hours to complete, though this could vary from party to party.

This product is produced by Red Star Gaming and is priced at $1.99


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