The Overlook Cave

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Ancient stone chambers act as home to newer residents though. And the lack of stairs is no impediment to a grell. In the main chamber beneath the overlook and in the caves off of it are a number of “grellfolk” – grimlocks in service to the grell who decorate themselves with fake beaks and wear their hair curly to try to resemble the grell’s brain-like structure.

The grimlocks will raise the alarm when they encounter intruders and will try to move any ensuing melee into the main gallery where the grell will float overhead and drop down on potential victims.

The 1200 dpi version (downloadable from the Dodecahedron) of the map was drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and is 6,000 pixels (20 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 1,400 pixels wide or 2,800 pixels wide, respectively.


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