Wayfinder Foundation Primer

Eberron is a fantastic place, filled with exotic mysteries, wondrous treasures, and dazzling sights. The only issue is that many of these wonders are not easy to get to, and many treasures stand behind dangerous guardians and trap-filled dungeons. This puts so much of the rich tapestry of Eberron out of the reach of most people.

The Wayfinder Foundation seeks to change that, by going out to those wild places of the world and returning with trinkets, artifacts, and even plants and animals to display for all to see. They sponsor expeditions across the globe and into the planes beyond in their never-ending search for adventure, and over the years they earned a reputation as hardy explorers and adventurers willing to take the greatest risks in search of the greatest rewards.

The prominence of the Wayfinder Foundation is largely thanks to its founder, the famed halfling explorer Lord Boroman ir’Dayne. In his over 120 years of adventuring experience, Lord ir’Dayne has traveled to Xen’drik, the Frostfell, all across the continent of Khorvaire, and even to some of the remote planes beyond Eberron. He has returned with priceless artifacts, rare plant specimens, and dangerous animal carcasses for stuffing and mounting, and his exciting stories have been told and retold in the pages of the Korranberg Chronicle and many other newspapers. Boroman established the Wayfinder Foundation to legitimize his adventuring, and he installed the Foundation Conclave to administer it while he is out exploring the world.

But then, just after the Last War, Boroman contracted a strange sickness in the jungles of Xen’drik. His adventuring days were cut short, and he became obsessed with finding a cure for his disease. He clashed with the conclave trustees over his decisions, and largely he has faded from view. The Korranberg Chronicle still covers the annual expeditions put on by the Wayfinder Foundation, but they’ve become smaller in scale and less exciting.

Are these the final days of the Wayfinder Foundation? Or will a new batch of heroes and explorers rise up to take the Foundation to greater heights?

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