03 – The Vauntagar


The final module of The Elixir finds our adventurers being sent on a quest into the perilous Duskwood Forest. Getting to the forest itself is not so simple, factions and creatures clash on the plains between Telcharn and the forest. Once in the woodlands, the party have to make their way deep into the heart through heavy undergrowth, a mysterious pool their goal.

Set in The Border Kingdoms, this is the third and final adventure in a series of 3 modules that will take your players on a journey in search of an mysterious Elixir.

The Elixir Campaign

Each module will introduce a new scenario in the campaign, some may be dungeon crawls, others may be city adventures or wilderness encounters.

The Vauntagar is for characters Levels 3-5.

Each module is designed to challenge the players through 1 or 2 levels over a session or two at the most.

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  • 20201030 – Initial Release.

It is highly suggested that the DM purchase the The Border Kingdoms suppliment by Ed Greenwood & Alex Kammer for lots of excellent background information about this part of The Forgotten Realms.

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