30×20 Multi-Level Battlemap – Vampire’s Tavern

Vampire’s Tavern

Twin Statues stand at the engraved doors to the tavern, light shining out the windows to either side. The foyer contains a couple bookcases and a carpet leading to a large fountain crowned by a devils skull, dripping blood red liquid from it’s eyes.

To one side of the tavern lies a bar and to the other a fireplace burns slowly, fancy chairs positioned for perfect comfort. Small alcoves within the tavern give more private spaces for guests, the seats made of the highest quality.

The large staircases takes you up to where a large fire burns and multiple tables sit before a grand table full of books and scrolls, behind which three bloody orbs glow lightly.

Doors to either side of this desk lead out to a platform that sits above the abyss, held up by stone gargoyles.

Below the tavern lies a basement full of barrels, sleeping quarters for it’s guests and a chamber used for collection of it’s finest liquors.

Adventure Seed

After a night of heavy drinking at a tavern, you awaken almost naked in a cold, damp basement, iron bars blocking your escape from your tiny cell.

A pale man in exquisite clothing stands before you, a golden goblet in hand. To his left a smaller man is slowly pouring a dark red liquid into his goblet. The well dressed man takes a sip of the liquid and seems pleased.

He addresses you when he finally notices you’re awake, slowly sipping his dark red drink. He complements you on your very exquisite flavor, suggesting that you’ll be a tavern favorite for years to come as his smirk grows, small fangs becoming apparent. Soon after this he proceeds to leave the room, returning up stairs to tend to the other guests, leaving you with the smaller man.

If you engage the smaller man, he is condescending and refers to you as if you’re nothing but cattle.

The next day you’re feed some stew. Which If you eat it, may cause you to pass out, at which point you’re dragged out by the smaller man to have some of your blood drained before being put back in your cell. If you refuse to eat, he encourages you and failing that, he leaves you to yourself with the understanding that you must eat eventually.

After a few days of not eating, the small man may become aggravated at you, lashing out physically with his backhand through the bars, complaining that if you die the master will be incredibly mad with him.

What’s going on? After the night at the cities tavern you were poisoned and sold to the vampire lord whom owns this exclusive lodge. He intends to bleed you daily to cater for his vampire clients, but you may be able to escape.

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