A Savagery Of Perytons

Word has come down from the Ironrind Crags that the Shrine Of All Gifts has been vandalized and the villagers of Everwell need goodly clergy to travel up the Trail Of Gentle Blessings to reconsecrate this holy site before winter settles upon their remote valley.

Adventurers are need to escort a group of pilgrims on their trek to the shrine. It sounds like an easy job but along the way, they must face off against a horde of savage perytons and uncover the truth about a desperate crime committed a generation ago.

This is an adventure where a party of third and fourth level characters step into a grim folktale involving monstrous creatures, talking animals, dark secrets, betrayal and a sinister hag who is manipulating a remote village for her own amusement.

A Savagery Of Perytons includes a 26-page, three-act adventure; a dozen detailed NPCs; and seven pages of full colour maps.

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This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.00


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