At Sunset in Thelav

You are what happens in the royal city after dark.

d6-based mechanics, fast and simple, proven by playtesting – see sidebar image for how to play.

The imminent climax

You – all the characters – know each other somehow. You are about to meet at sunset in the royal city of Thelav. Roll six-sided dice for your purpose. You can roll one die for an action then roll one die under the action for its object, or roll one die for an action then roll two dice for its object.

Abscond with



The Queen’s scepter

A wealthy merchant

A Baroness and her lover

A fluffy grey cat

Three ells of fine silk

Mobile armor schematics

Palace embezzlement

A forbidden assignation

An envoy’s arrival

An escape

A wine barrel

A bundle of halberds

A discreet purchase

A secret disclosed

Clockwork sabotage

Organization of labor

Moonlit hunger

Roistering sailors




Two drunken belligerents

The Colonel of Life Guards

Grandmother’s cookies

An Acolyte of Idim

Sewer cleaning

Onderban carpenters

A poet’s dreams

A recipe for broth

A warrior’s honor

Three sworn allies

A cousin’s corpse

The invasion plans

A Berudine funeral

An exchange of vows

The seven Ealian dances

A hooded eagle

An insurrection

Timeless beauty

Your character

Will your vocation, advantages, or life events aid you? Will your failing thwart you? Given your equipment, can you even accomplish what you set your mind to? Play to find out!

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