Chilling Tales from the Whispering Winds

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Chilling Tales from the Whispering Winds


Step in from the cold of Icewind Dale and warm yourself by the fire of the Whispering Winds Inn. The fire is warm, and the conversation lively. Rumors of terrifying creatures fill the air, mixing with the smells from the kitchen. Relax and feel safe, traveler. Just don’t eat the stew…


 a grotesque alien creatures

Tales of Terror from Icewid Dale or any Arctic Setting

Step into a world of horror with 17 nail-biting adventures. Chills and thrills await you and your players as they hunt down or simply try to survive ravenous monsters, creatures from other planes, and tormented spirits.

This supplement provides the Dungeon Master with plug-and-play adventures for all levels, and set in an arctic theme perfect for supplementing the Icewind Dale setting. These adventures can be dropped into nearly any campaign for a scary one-shot or used as their own campaign.



Perfect for Last-Minute Halloween / Side quests in your Rime of the Frostmaiden Campaign

Running out of time to prep your Halloween adventure? These improv-emphasis tales of horror can be picked up and DM’d with only a few minutes of preparation. Take your party to a new level of terror with

–        The Horror at Fort Crystal Lake: a slasher-film inspired ghost story where the adventures need only survive a night in a haunted fort

–        The Caskmaster: a tongue-in-cheek monster hunt romp through a brewery

–        What Lies Beneath: a classic creature feature of alien monsters picking off the village one by one

–        Tentacles of Terror: a red herring adventure; will the party realize who the true monster is in time?

–        And many, many more…


A New Kind of Adventure

These adventures are inspired by the improv-heavy play we have all come to know and love in excellent podcasts and streams. The creators of Whispering Winds hope to both empower and inspire improvisational storytelling and adventuring by providing you with the most critical aspects of the story and letting you mold it to your party.

an aquatic tentacle monster

Countdowns to Doom

Each adventure runs on a countdown, a dramatic tool for helping you guide the sense of impending doom.  This critical piece gives you, the DM, a list of events that happen as the evil powers you control advance their plans while putting narrative pressure on the party. Woe be unto the adventuring party that lets the countdown reach its final stage!

Custom Art and Monsters

Feast your eyes (but don’t be feasted upon by) horrible creatures like:

–        The Fear Demon: a shape-shifting demon which literally feeds on fear

–        The Glacier Elemental: a force of nature that crushes everything in its path

–        Seithe: a sentient suit of armor bent on world domination

–        The Star Leech: an otherworldly bodysnatcher

–        Leshana: the world’s most renowned rock and roll bard…but now she’s posessed by a demon!

–        And more!

The mother dearest hag

Hag Campaign & Whispering Winds Inn

The four adventure mini-campaign provides a perfect setting through which to introduce the monsters in this book. It can also be run by itself as a background campaign lasting levels 3 through 14!



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