Cryptid Chronicle I (Monsters of Murka expansion, 5e)

The second mini-expansion to the world of Monsters of Murka.  

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Protect or fight your way through unforgiving terrain, haunted locations and the lair of famous cryptids! Plus learn 7 new spells like the haunting Flesh Gate which allows you to transport via person.

This hilarious Halloween supplement features

  • 15 Cryptids to intertwine into any creepy campaign
  • 10 new magic items
  • 7 new spells
  • 4 new locations
  • A new Blood Hunter subclass inspired by the late great Eddie Van Halen
  • so much more! 

We’re going to keep adding to the world of Murka, that’s an Action Fiction promise!

Note: All profits from Cryptid Chronicles I will be donated to The Oral Cancer Foundation to help find a cure for oral cancer as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

Note: Some contents of this module may require the base campaign setting, Monsters of Murka. 

Monsters of Murka is designed for you to grapple with the challenges of the modern day in a setting that you control, which we feel can be silly just as easily as it can be serious. We believe that satire can be a powerful tool when used appropriately—therapeutic, even. We encourage you to use this book to serve that purpose. Or, use this campaign setting to educate others! Use this campaign setting to try out a new identity in a safe and familiar environment! The things you can do with this book are limited only by your imagination.

A Mighty Freedom Dragon

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