Dead End

The apocalypse has happened. In a flash, the world changed. The dead walked the streets looking for people to devour. Water stopped running. Power went out. Soon, the whole world was turned upside down.

Where were you, survivor? More importantly…what do you do now?

Welcome to the world of Dead End, a zombie themed survival apocalypse setting for Savage Worlds. In the world of Dead End survival is the key factor that you, as a player or as a Game Master, will be focused on. A Survivor will be forced to scavenge for all of their basic necessities. Food, water, shelter, medicine. Everything we take for granted in our daily lives is no longer a guarantee. Formerly open communities are now locked behind makeshift barricades, armed guards making sure that no undesirables can enter. Bands of raiders seek to take a Survivor’s supplies for themselves. Hunger and thirst are always on the edge of one’s thought, dwindling stocks of ammo and parts are a constant concern. And of course, there’s the ever present threat of the relentless shambling dead, their hungry moans drifting through the silence…

With over 150 pages, Dead End will test the Survivor in you. With features like:

  • New Edges and Hindrances: These will help you mold your Survivor as you see fit.
  • New gritty damage rules: These will keep you on your toes as you do your best to survive.
  • Humanity system: This will see just how human you are, or care to be.
  • Infestation Deck: This brand new card mechanic will not only flavor your experience with it’s themed stylized suits and numbers, but also will bring more of the unique Dead End feel to your table as the deck reveals new situational modifiers and events that promise to complicate life for any unwary Survivors that force another draw. And doubles as an Action Deck.

This product is produced by Atomic Ninja Studios and is priced at $14.99


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