Djachroum and the Rimward Reach

In the Sector of the Lady of Tears, on the very edge of Transshura, stretches the Rimward Reach. For a long time, this was a forgotten place on the edge of the Kuan system. All that changed when one of the Foundation’s long-range probes discovered something strange in depths of the Kandah Cloud. An expedition set off and found that the Rimward Reach had not always been deserted. Strange monuments and drifting shipwrecks testified to a time when colonists did not fear the great darkness.

Now, many years later, the area is a gathering place for free thinkers and fortune seekers from all over the Horizon. But beneath the surface rages a ferocious struggle for the vast resources of the Reach. Here, on the edge of the Horizon, ragged prospectors, sneaky spies, and inquisitive archaeologists gather. They all hope to fulfil the dream of a better life. However, in the Reach there are few winners and many losers.

In this supplement, you will find maps, texts and adventure ideas that will take you further into the Rimward Reach – a region that is frontier town and ruin field, a political powderkeg and a wondrous world to explore. The hope is that it will act as a contrast and a complement to Kua’s inner system and Coriolis itself. Will you be one of those fortune seekers who find happiness in the shadow of the Kandah Cloud?

This setting booklet was originally written for the first version of Coriolis and published 2010. After making a rough translation for my group and me, I am delighted to be able to share this tidied up version with you. The 62 pages or so of setting information are stuffed full with information and ideas, plot hooks and little details that bring the Third Horizon – and especially the Rimward Reach – to life. I hope that the translation does justice to the original authors’ astonishing creativity.

The guide includes (not an exhaustive list): 

  • a description of the Campaign setting of the Rimward Reach 
  • Information about the asteroid station Djachroum
  • History, background, personalities and conflicts between the factions
  • Lots of background on the Prospector Clans, Nomad Swarms and the Free People of Ahalimm

For the full table of contents, check out the preview.

Many thanks to Fria Ligan AB, who gave me their kind permission to distribute this translation as part of the Free League Workshop programme.

This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $6.46


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