EXP1-Expedition to Dar Moore Hollow

The first of many new Expedition Adventures for Dark Sky. Brought to you free of charge on this wonderful Halloween 2020 (Cause you need a little trick or treating in your life after this fun year!) as a gift from Fel-Dark Entertainment to you. 

We hope you enjoy our take on Sleepy Hollow, but of course we do this the Dark Sky way and take you to a sleepy village in England that deserves your attention. Here in this Expedition to Dar Moore the Actors will learn the fate of the English Settlers who tried to join the Dutch colony and the story that befell not only the English but later the Dutch. We encourage you to step back into March of 1885 in the dead of winter to learn the fate of this place and stop the Curse of Vengeance laid upon the land. Do what Thou Wilt, but harm none.

This product is produced by Fel-Dark Entertainment and is priced at $1.00


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