Grimoire Umbra

Orphaned on Toril shortly after birth, “Sombra” quickly took to magic, growing into to a formidable caster by the age of twenty. It was at this point she she stole a cloud giant’s castle as an engagement gift, attained the ability to travel backwards in time, and began bootstrapping herself into godhood. Due to the reluctant archiving work of her wife Mara and her daughter Olivia, this mysterious mage’s notes have been gathered together for the first time, shining a light into some of the most hidden secrets of the planes. 

Grimoire Umbra is a rules supplement for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, bringing a planar and high magic flair to everyone. Inside you’ll find:

  • Three playable races with accompanying lore:
    • Huldra, a species of fungus that has grown around a soul
    • Lightborn, creatures with a magical core who form their bodies out of pure energy
    • Sirens, a created species who must destroy souls to continue living
  • A new subclass for each class in the Player’s Handbook, including:
    • the College of Commerce for the Bard, trading in goods and services, and able to call in help for coin
    • the Circle of Cataclysm for the Druid, culling the earth to ensure new life can grow
    • the Juggernaut for the Fighter, drawing in the souls of their enemies to keep going
    • the Warden for the Ranger, using fey magic to bewilder intruders
    • the Weavetouched Sorcerer, able to manipulate their spells in unique ways
    • the Scholar for the Wizard, able to find patterns in reality with ease
  • Over 100 new spells to be put to devastating effect.
  • Odd encoded messages from “Sombra.” We’re not quite sure what they mean!

Amid all the material here, Olivia and her mother both have left their notes and observations about the creatures within. Most of them are… trustworthy.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $19.99


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