Hero Kids Escape From Skull Isle – Solo and Co-Op Adventure

Escape from a haunted pirate dungeon in this first One-Page Cooperative Adventure for Hero Kids!

This system turns Hero Kids into a solo or cooperative adventure for 1 – 3 Heroes. An older player can use the rules to generate the random rooms and control the scripted monster actions.  And best of all, that player can join in the fun with the kids as a hero.

Besides the rules and charts (which really do fit on one two-sided page) this booklet includes:

  • Printable encounter maps
  • Item/Equipment cards for 15 new pirate themed treasures
  • A Pirate Captain stand-up and Monster card
  • Expanded rules for clarification of the one-page version
  • A short story introduction scene
  • Suggestions for running this as a regular Hero Kids adventure in the world of pirates

A copy of the Hero Kids Fantasy RPG is required for combat rules and the monster stats.

This product is produced by Hero Forge Games and is priced at $0.99


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