Hippogryph Codex

A hippogryph is a strange paradox, combining the elegance and grace of a giant eagle with the strength and stability of a horse. It’s a hybrid of two things that by all logic cannot go together. Somehow the unlikely remix produces something that elevates both of its antecedents. Throughout time the mythical hippogryph has been used to symbolize everything from the contradictory nature of religious belief to the unyielding power of romantic love. To me, this amazing creature represents how the whole can be more than the mere sum of its parts. It’s lofty, yet grounded. Poetic, yet practical.

The Hippogryph System is so named because it’s full of such dichotomies. At its core tabletop roleplaying itself is the melding of wargaming and storytelling. My strongest influences are both heavier legacy rules like Dungeons & Dragons, and lighter, more free-form mechanics like those found in Fate. My goal with this system has been to leverage the strengths of each style, use them to compensate for their collective limitations, and create something singular, entertaining, and useful.

Hippogryph is a d20-based, story-driven tabletop fantasy roleplaying system. It is the collision of the D20 System and Fate RPG, but like the legendary creature it is more than the sum of its parts. This isn’t off-brand D&D with Fate aspects stapled on, nor is it a collection of feats, spells, and class abilities translated into Fate terms. Hippogryph is a unique system that blends established legacy fundamentals with flexible, DIY story game ideals. 

This product is produced by Dancing Lights Press and is priced at $4.99


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