Medusa’s Wake (32×47)

This material was posted on patreon by Cze and Peku

We’ve been planning on making a Medusa themed map like this since we started this Patreon and decided to finally get around to it. Cze is currently living in Greece and it just seemed like the impetus we needed to explore this theme.

We wanted to make a map that evoked the sun blazed acid plains of the Meditteranean coast as well as a battle frozen in rock by the Gorgon’s petrifying gaze. Climb your way up the cloak and body of the petrified titan across their craggy sword and onto the scorched clifftops beyond. Behold soldiers mid battle frozen forever in place.

Thanks a lot to Paulo of Aanry’s Book for their help with this map. Definitely go and check out their new patreon. They’re making new in-depth monsters for DnD 5e each month.

Next month we hope to finish the Shadowfell Fortress Interior, Dracolich won the next dragon poll so we’ll be working on that, we also plan to release some new Lightning Rail carriages soon as well as the carriage roofs along with them, as that’s been requested a bunch. See you next month! 🙂

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