Monarch Mountain


Long ago dwarves moved into an extinct volcano. They mined gold and gems there for many years. But something happened and some say the gods became displeased with the dwarven kingdom. A strange mist came up from deep in the mountain. The yellow mist killed some and turned others into monsters. The mountain kingdom was quickly overrun and the survivors fled leaving behind untold riches. In time, humans moved into the area and learned of the cursed dwarven kingdom. All it took was one successful expedition returning with treasure to start a gold rush. Now treasure hunters from all over seek the wealth hidden in the dwarven king’s vaults. But most will never return from Monarch Mountain.

Monarch Mountain is a old school megadungeon style campaign centered around a dead volcano. To use this book you will need the Graveyard of Heroes Fantasy Roleplaying Game from Fez Sinister Games or you will need to convert it to your RPG of choice by substituting monsters and treasure from your preferred RPG.

The full size preview for the entire book has been enabled so give it look. Better yet just download it. It is FREE after all!