Noblecrumpet’s Guide to Slimes, Jellies, and Oozes

Noblecrumpet’s new guide is all about oozes! Gelatinous, wriggling, stinking oozes! Although many oozes act the same, some of the new monsters within will challenge your tactics for facing these gooey goons. The guide also contains tools for creating your own ooze-themed characters and how that will affect their personality and background!

The PDF has around 70 pages of fully-illustrated content, including 50 statblocks, over 30 spells, 6 new subclasses, a handful of new magic items, and a new race: the geldyn!

This guide is made possible using the OGL and concepts located in the SRD for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

The Lich Cube

image: The Lich Cube by Noblecrumpet

This product is produced by Noblecrumpet Publishing and is priced at $10.00


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