November theme and general update

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You may also have noticed an absence of the Veteran and Epic level rangers at the moment.  I’m still working on getting them done but they’ll run into November a little – its been half term this week and having the kids at home and needing to have a bit of family time has put me a little behind.  As such I’ll be rolling all of Octobers unique content into November, including the Kingsguard Rokabo riders.  If I can get back on track quickly this month, I should be able to get the alternative mounts up, and due to popular demand also try to get you all the modular versions of the Kingsguard gunners.  This will all be in addition to the Rogues.  

On the topic of Kingsguard, if there are any troop types that you would like to see that you’d need as proxies for your favourite army or something you’d particularly like to see, please comment below and I’ll collate responses and see what I can do.  

Planning ahead a little I’m going to park the Level up heroes for December and focus in on getting the Kingsguard ready for the Kickstarter release in early February.  that will mean more troop variants including the knightly orders, the master of hounds and Rokabo stable hands and hopefully get the King himself done.  If you’ve got everything for the Kingsguard already there will be no need to back the Kickstarter as you’ll have all of the content already, but if you’ve missed anything it will be an opportunity to grab the missing components at a reduced price before they go to general retail.

I’ve also been listening to the audiobooks of the Homeland trilogy by R A Salvatore.  I’m really enjoying them and I’m on the third book at the moment.  I’m really feeling like I need to sculpt a Deep Gnome with a hammer and pick for hands, a Dark Elf weapon master and a Hook Horror creature!   maybe even a flamboyant dark elf rogue with an eye patch too….


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