Random Roads: Witch Way

Folks always seem to be in a rush to get places. Sometimes they are so desperate to get places that they will do just about anything. That was where Lady Dove found her calling. She built a great maze that could get anyone where they needed to go in only a fraction of the time. That is, of course, if they could get out of it. Welcome to the Witch Way!

  • Cold Encounters: Twenty seasonal encounters from pumpkin-carving redcaps to deadly toy-makers! Will your players be able to slove each encounter the Witch Way?
  • A New Way to Travel: A new demiplane called the Witch Way, which can help your players skip long travel distances.
  • Tricks and Treats: Three fun rewards await those who can best the maze in the form of chocolate coins, candied corn, and fake fangs. 

Random Roads is an answer to an age-old question for Dungeon Masters: How do I make 2d4 goblins busting out of the forest interesting? Travel is such a common part of Dungeons and Dragon, but it can be a divisive issue. Some players love having the chance to break out the dice and have some combat without the weight of the plot dragging it down. Other players would rather the DM skip to the next town so the story can keep going. Random Roads hopes to fill the needs of both these types of players, by providing short road adventures that see combat players rolling their dice and role players roleing their roles. Random Roads is built for groups of all levels, with a scaling guide and hooks for any wizard of the coast adventures to help the DM drop these paths in front of any party.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.00


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