Shakespeare’s Monkeys

The first in a series of adventures for Things from the Flood.  

Northstar R&D is a research company working to bring the magic of magnetite to the Southern Hemisphere. Jeremy Longstaff, the founding CEO has collected a number of previously failed scientists to drive research in various suspect fields. This module is the first of a series of connected mysteries, linked to the work of Jeremy Longstaff and his mysterious objectives. The setting is Jindabyne, a small tourist town in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. Whilst this set of mysteries have no loop, they have something deep and mysterious happening at the Hydro Scheme Dam. The Module itself can be played with a small tweak or two in any location. It can be played in a single session of approximately 3 – 4 hours.

This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $2.00


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