SO20 Caverns of Calamity: Orc’s Wrath

Greetings adventurers and Game Masters! 

I am very happy to announce release of “CAVERNS OF CALAMITY: ORC’S WRATH”. This introductory level module is the third and final installment in a series of three interconnected adventures intended for neophyte adventurers of levels 1 to 3.

Synopsis: In this adventure your players will be employed by a gnomish inventor’s organization, the Gnomish Advanced Research Institute (or G.A.R.I. for short). The gnomes recently discovered a cache of rare botanicals from the other side of the known world being traded on the local black market. After discrete inquiries, the gnomes learned the seller of these rare botanical treasures wished to remain anonymous. Unfortunately for the seller, once these exotic botanical finds came to the attention of the ever inquisitive and highly resourceful gnomes they quickly discovered (through diligent sleuthing, liberal bribes and much snooping) the source of the fungi: a set of caverns in the far southern foothills of Dùn Loachas. An expedition team of G.A.R.I. researchers was swiftly organized and dispatched, but they never returned!

Unbeknown to the gnomes, their expeditionary team was walking into the dragon’s den! The gnomes’ black market contact learned the G.A.R.I. expeditionary force had been captured by orcs led by a half-orc mystic named Mulden Frux, and the gnome captives are in grave danger!

So the gnomes have turned to professional adventurers to save the day. They gnomes need the players to investigate the caverns; recover the biological samples they need for their research; find and rescue members of their prior expedition; and bring their captor to justice.

It is up to your players to save the day! Are your players up to the challenge?

In the initial adventure in the series (SO18 KOBOLD’S FURY) the party went up against a den of kobolds to secure a rubber plant and rescue one of the gnome researchers. In the second adventure (SO19 GOBLIN’S RAGE) the party met even stronger foes; they battled goblins and bugbears occupying a set of caverns and the remains of an ancient cult shrine further up the cliffside from the kobold den. The players were able to find the “Devil’s Tooth” mushroom they were sent after and to rescue two additional gnome researchers.

This adventure is written to be compatible with OSRIC (& other OSR games), and useable with most fantasy ruleset. While written as the third in a series of adventures, it may also be run as a stand-alone adventure; there is guidance throughout the module on how the GM may run it in either mode (stand-alone or series). It features several wondrous new magical items and a new monster, the powerful half-ogre!

PLUS you get a free copy of my 2020 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of the sphere of Terrans where my campaigns take place.

I hope you and your players enjoy this adventure, and that you enjoy all three installments of the “CAVERNS OF CALAMITY” series! Thank you for supporting Starry Knight Press!

Louis “sirlou” Kahn
Starry Knight Press
October 2020

This product is part of the three part CAVERNS OF CALAMITY series, the chapters of which are:SO18 KOBOLD’S FURY,SO19 GOBLIN’S RAGE,and SO20 ORC’S WRATH!!

This product is produced by Starry Knight Press and is priced at $7.50


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