Symbaroum House Rules

New Rules and Tables for Symbaroum, including:

  • Acid And Armour – This rule allows armour to be damaged by acid attacks, reducing its effectiveness or even being destroyed, also a new Mystical Quality for armour: Acid Resistant
  • Corruption Thresholds – A new rule for corruption thresholds that keeps corruption dangerous, but reduces the risk of becoming an abomination, especially for low Resolute characters
  • Narrative Flight And Hunt – An alteration to the Flight & Hunt rules which makes chases less repetitive, and more narratively interesting
  • Encumbrance – An small update to the penalties for over-encumbrance to make them more realistic, and bring a more tactical element into play
  • Updated Elixir Table – A compiled table of every Elixir that has appeared in all the official published material, with price and which level of ‘alchemy’ is required to manufacture it. Each one is referenced to the source material
  • Random Stigma Table – An expansion to the list of stigmas suggested in the Core Rules, from 20 to 40, in a table to allow for rolling a random stigma.

Note: The Symbaroum Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide are required to get the most out of this product

This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $2.00


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