The Bane Ledger (5e): Manananggal

The Bane Ledger, our collection of OGL monsters, is being updated to 5e! Each monster is being revised, expanded, and updated with new details.

In this Issue:


The Manananggal

The manananggal is a cunning monster that leads a double life. By day, it appears to be a beautiful human woman. At night it becomes a horrible monster with bat-like wings and a taste for unborn children. When it undergoes its nightly transformation, a manananggal separates its upper torso from its lower. With its intestines hanging out, it flies off seeking fetuses and organs to devour.


Feeding. A manananggal feeds every night and relies upon its bird companions to scout for suitable meals. When the manananggal finds a sleeping pregnant woman, or any other sleeping person, it descends upon them. It inserts its tubular tongue into one of their orifices and sucks out their vitals. If a pregnant woman is the victim, the manananggal eats the fetus. If another type of creature is the victim, the manananggal will eat their liver.


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