The Boggart – A Tales from the Loop mystery

Reports of vandalism and petty mischief have been coming in from all around the area for the past week.  There’s talk of a police enforced curfew for all children unless the culprits can be found and stopped. To make things worse, Great Aunt Sybil is staying in your friend’s room, and they might have to stay home all summer to keep her company!

This mystery is track 2 of the Lancashire Loop Mixtape. The Lancashire Loop is a “hometown hack” for Tales from the Loop set in North West UK, but really this mystery can be set in anwhere.

Track 1 – The Bhargast (Pay What You Want)–A-Tales-from-the-Loop-mystery

Track 3 – The Witch–A-Tales-from-the-Loop-Mystery

These mysteries are each written to be played in a 3 – 5 hour session, including charater creation. They’re great for an introduction to Tales from the Loop or convention play. You can also combine all 8 tracks to make one large Mystery Landscape.

This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $2.00


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