The Coriolis Calendar

When the Zenithian Consortium imposed a standard calendar across the Third Horizon, people from different systems adopted different ways of counting the days of the Coriolis Cycle. The poor and the devout used prayer beads. The wealthy and the extravagant commissioned exquisite pieces of chain driven clockwork.

Now, you can use these marvellous PDFs!

The Coriolis Calendar lets you keep track of the 336 days of the Coriolis Cycle, the standard by which all trade, communication and debt in the Third Horizon is organized. It shows how each segment is split into four novenas of nine days each, and the day of settlement, upon which all debts, of finance and honor, are paid.

Each segment is illustrated with a beautiful all-new portrait of the icon that gives it its name, and accompanied by one of the nine parables of Fadma al Kamath, the Storyteller of Dabaran.

Purchasers of this product will receive two files – a beautiful version, in full dark color as befits the Third Horizon, and a printer-friendly version, only minutely less beautiful and infinitely more practical, where GMs and player characters alike can note anniversaries, journey times, deadlines, meaningful events etc. and keep track of long campaigns.

This product is produced by Free League Publishing and is priced at $5.00


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