The Fearing: Blood & Brimstone

Welcome, reader. What is The Fearing, you might ask?

The Fearing takes place in modern times, in a world very much like ours. With one notable exception. One of our greatest psychoanalysts and philosophers, Carl Gustav Jung, postulated that there is a vast collective unconsciousness that humanity taps into. It’s the place where all of the deepest pieces of ourselves live, despite our cultures or religions—archetypes or universal symbols such as The Great Mother, the Shadow, the Hermit and the Tree of Life. It’s also the seat of our deepest emotions—love, hate, serenity…and fear.

Imagine that within this vast collective unconscious there is a receptacle, a bowl that holds all of the fears that humanity has accumulated over the centuries. Every single thing a human has ever been afraid of. All collected, drip by drip through millennia.

Imagine that this bowl has filled, that it must empty so it can reset itself.

Now imagine that all fears, everything from the most commonly shared fears to the most deeply personal are released onto the earth, all at the same time.

The chaos, the apocalypse caused by this is The Fearing.

The Fearing was originally released serially in 2019 by Grey Matter Press, in four separate novellas that form an entire novel. They are:

  • The Fearing Book One: Fire & Rain
  • The Fearing Book Two: Water & Wind
  • The Fearing Book Three: Air & Dust
  • The Fearing Book Four: Earth & Ember

The Fearing: Blood & Brimstone takes place firmly in the timeline of the complete novel. It tells the story of Timothy Jacoby and Tam Washington, two of the novel’s primary antagonists, who show up in Books Three and Four. It expands and deepens their stories, and hopefully the novel as a whole.

The Fearing isn’t only Taff’s best book to date, it’s the kind of book you put on the shelf reserved for the ones that really did something to you emotionally, intellectually, physically. A modern master at play.”

—Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box and Mallorie

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