The Oncoming Storm

The Oncoming Storm brings the Petrio’s Storm series to a dramatic conclusion. The invasion is pending and it’s time to meet to the challenge. The town must be fortified, the enemy scouted, and dangerous beasts hunted. Then the battle truly begins: seven encounters to truly test the party and their preparations.

Follows The Maze Before the Storm and Storming the Tower, but does not require you to have run them.


A level 5 adventure, optimized for a party of 5.

Setting agnostic: a town beside a mountain range.

Focus: Combat and Social encounters.

Content Warning: Content and Image warnings: War, Spiders, Undead, Mind flayer with severed head

Formats: PDF, ePUB, Mobi, Text-Only PDF
Zip files of Maps

Author Bio:

Hydy Cates is a writer, blogger, freelance editor, and avid tabletop gamer. By day, she is an Electronic Resources Librarian for the local Community College, working to ensure equitable access for all students. This is her third title on DMs Guild, check out the full Petrio’s Storm series. You can follow her RPG writing @HydyCates on Twitter, and her general nerdiness @Ravonlocke on most social media platforms.

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