The Soul Mechanic

The glowing set of dogtags around the soldiers neck illuminate the room as he pulls a piece of his soul to enhance his movements. The Soul Mechanic uses soul charges to manipulate the world around them. Based on Ki, the Eldritch Fighter, and the Paladin, this class has a variety of features that give you more options when playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Want to carry a huge chain gun into battle while using your boots to spring your forward 40 feet? Go ahead? Wanna use a construct that has a piece of your soul to sneak around back to get that good flank attack? No problem. Mabye you’ve been itching to try a more battlefield manipulative like class? The Soul Mechanic is definitely for you!

This class offers three subclasses: The Metal Walker, The Mech-Savant, and the Iron Priest. This class also includes its own spell list.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.00


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