The Walls Will Swallow You

Something terrible breathes within the walls of that house. It’s taken something from each of us, though I couldn’t tell you why… or how. All I know is that if we don’t head inside that house, it’s never coming back.

The Walls Will Swallow You is a psychological horror micro-RPG inspired by House of Leaves, Pan’s Labyrinth, and more traditional horror staples. Delve into an ominous, labyrinthine house to uncover the truth and stop its sinister influence. Trust, however, is in question at every turn. Can you believe your friends? Your eyes? Your memory? The House holds many secrets – not all of which you want to discover.

Materials Required

  • 3-5 humans
  • A deck of 52 playing cards (jokers removed)
  • A handful of six-sided dice (d6)
  • A collection of identical tokens: coins, matches, etc
  • 2-4 hours

This product is produced by Merry Mancer Games and is priced at $6.66


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