They Want Your Head!

A Western Tale of Terror!

Somewhere along Hell Roaring Creek lies Headless Gulch. Hunters and trappers pass through the gulch from time to time, but they only venture there in the day. For it is well known that if any man spends the night down there, they will find him without a head.

For many a year something has hunted man in the depths of Headless Gulch and they’ve collected many skulls. Can the Player Characters put an end to this reign of terror once and for all? Or will they become just more victims of Headless Gulch?

They Want Your Head is a bite-sized, 20 page adventure, good for a single terrifying night of play. And we’re making it available for just a single, shiny silver dollar!

Cyrus Creedmore, killer, thief and ne’er do well, has robbed the Underhill family of a horse—a fine, spirited Pinto named Beauty. Creedmore has also robbed the family of a dozen valuable pelts and also their daughter, Sunbeam. 

Creedmore’s tracks are easy to follow. But he soon becomes aware that the PCs are after him, and in an effort to throw them off his trail he cuts down into Headless Gulch.

Can your players rescue poor Sunbeam Underhill from her terrible fate? Can they best the evil Cyrus Creedmore? Can any of them, hero, victim, or villain survive a night in Headless Gulch?

This product is produced by Plain Brown Wrapper Games and is priced at $1.00


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