Tundra Warriors

With the recent release of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden and winter being just around the corner for much of the world, there’s no shortage of players in need of new character options to help them brave the cold!

Tundra Warriors features three new archetypes—one each for paladins, monks, and barbarians—to help with just that. Except for the bear-wrestling monk. They just tagged along, and no one wants to be the one to tell them to dress warmly.

The archetypes are…

  • Oath of the Winter Rose. An order of paladins that got their start using the cold to fight undead, the Oath of the Winter Rose has since branched out to hunting down any who would flee from their deaths. Even creatures that normally thrive in the cold will find their natural protections of no help against the vitality-sapping wrath of these paladins.
  • Beast Champion. Monks of this tradition care less about practicing their martial arts with fellow monks and more about taking on wild animals to learn their techniques. They feature three unique fighting styles that they can shift between throughout combat to help maneuver around the battlefield, as well as dangerously effective grapples that they can turn into a damaging knockdown with their signature Wild Lariat.
  • Icebreaker. This is a path for barbarians who have realized that they already have the only tool they need to fight the cold: their own burning passion. These barbarians can render themselves largely immune to the dangers of fighting in the coldest of environments before turning up the heat of their spirits enough to burn their foes or make them feel the bite of winter.

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