Underwarren Bestiary: Creatures of the Deep



The earth is what binds the worlds of the Surface and the Underdark. Between these worlds lies the Underwarren, where the strange magic of the Underdark meets the powerful forces of nature from the Surface.

Such an environment has produced a fascinating cast of characters, who have each evolved unique ways of navigating the Underwarren, as well as strange magical phenomenon never yet observed by those outside. As a result, adventurers may find themselves caught off guard, so preceed with caution! The dark itself may not be inherently dangerous, but by wary of what may lurk within.

Perfect for spooky underground adventures! The bestiary has 15 unique creatures ranging from CR 0 to 14 designed for challenging encounters. 

Creatures studied and written about by Ka Man and Aaditya Singh, two humans currently residing on the Surface world. Ka has also illustrated and designed this bestiary; while great care has been taken to ensure accurate depictions some artistic liberties may have been taken, and we suggest game masters do the same.



CR 0

  • Racing Beetle
CR 1
  • Stalag-Mites
CR 2
  • Strigoi
CR 3
  • Volleymoles
  • Cave Ray
  • Cavern Wraith
  • Living Boulder
CR 4
  • Mandrake Blight
  • Spow
CR 5
  • Pit Lion
CR 7
  • Drow Mummy
CR 8
  • Rat King
  • Sage Moth
CR 14
  • Hammerhead Dragonwyrm