100 Horse Companions – Vol 2

Horses provide a sense of primordial power and motion to the Wild West. So why not take the utmost advantage of that sensation in your Fantasy or Wild West game? The faithful steed is too often simply a pile of numbers, and has no real appearance, personality or spirit. We can and should do better than that.

This list is intended for any wild west, fantasy or modern setting where the land is vast, and fresh secrets can be discovered around every corner. Unlike the first volume, this set of horses does not intentionally try to represent which breeds are more common, and we’ve gone instead for variety. As always, this product works easily with all the other D10 Dimension products (particularly ones like 100 Horse Tricks, 100 Naughty Horse Behaviors, etc.).

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: Horse’s Name (Sex of the Horse – Coloration – Breed – General Disposition)

Example 101: Memphis (Mare – Chestnut – Tennessee Walker – Perky)

This product is produced by D10 Dimensions and is priced at $1.00


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