30×20 Multi-Level Battlemap – Slaver’s Retreat

Slaver’s Retreat

Twin Statues stand at the engraved doors to the tavern, light shining out the windows to either side. The foyer contains a couple bookcases and a carpet leading to a large fountain crowned by a devils skull, water pouring from it’s eyes.

To one side of the tavern lies a bar and to the other a fireplace burns slowly, fancy chairs positioned for perfect comfort. Small alcoves within the tavern give more private spaces for guests, the seats made of the highest quality.

The large staircases takes you up to where a large fire burns and multiple tables sit before a grand table full of books and scrolls, behind which three bloody orbs glow lightly.

Doors to either side of this desk lead out to a platform that sits above the tree line, held up by stone gargoyles.

Below the tavern lies a basement full of barrels, sleeping quarters for it’s guests and a chamber used housing the new slaves for a time and torture should they need it.

This product is produced by Seafoot Games and is priced at $2.98


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