Baldur’s Gate Visitor’s Guide

“Baldur’s Gate can be a complicated place to get around. Here, take this, it’ll help you orient yourself.”

Baldur’s Gate is a bustling trade hub of the Sword Coast, and the site of many historical goings-on. It’s best to go with a guide. This is a collection of pre-filled versions of my Complete City Sheet (already available on DMsguild) with custom-labeled maps to help your party orient themselves within Baldur’s Gate. With these as handouts, your party can easily chart their own course through a shopping day, or scope out a guild or faction that may help them in their quest. While these sheets are by no means comprehensive, they provide a nice overview of the points of interest and businesses on each city section, as well as short descriptions of factions such as the Flaming Fist. These sheets should slot seamslessly into any Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus campaign, or any campaign set in the Forgotten Realms! Most information was  referenced from the 5e supplement Murder in Baldur’s Gate by Matt SernettSteve WinterEd Greenwood, and Alexandre Winter. 

  • Information on points of interest, travel options, and businesses for the Upper, Lower, and Outer Cities!
  • Custom-labeled maps so your players know where they are and where they’re going!
  • Includes classic landmarks of Baldur’s Gate such as the Wide, Hissing Stones Bathhouse, and the Elfsong Tavern!
  • Entirely customizable! Want to update the included descriptions for your campaign? Every form field is easily editable in any pdf reader or web browser!

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.00


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