Map Pack 30

This material was posted on patreon by Ryan Dunleavy

Map pack 30 is finished and available. This is map 59 and 60!

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The first map is seasonally appropriate – the Dimmer Sisters’ House. Located at the top edge of Crow’s Foot, this fabled house has undergone many modifications over the years. Some areas of the building have been walled off completely. The layout is confusing with hidden hallways and disconnected rooms spread throughout. The shrieking of ghosts are often heard from the upper floor and a canal runs through the ruins beneath the structure.

The second map (number 60!) is a Smuggler’s Den in Six Towers. A series of rooms and warehouses interconnected by hidden hallways and meeting areas, this is the perfect place to offload a score and move it to a new location. There are several entrances to the surrounding canals and a loading bay from the street. One area houses a totally legitimate business that just might be a front.

Hope your adventures have been fun and, as always, you are all spook-tacular and very much appreciated!




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