November’s Alt-Version & Megamap Previews

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Somehow, being so busy with Halloween maps etc, we managed to forget to preview the Alt-version for November, and the two Megadungeon levels!

So, we wanted to quickly remedy that!

The Alt-Version of the Crypt of the Vampire Queen was, as usual, chosen by you in the poll.  The winning idea was an underground city. Such a fun idea, and definitely a unique location. We’ve made Esopagadi Underground Town:

The Megadungeon – Mudstick Hill

Before the preview, we wanted to mention that we’ve sorted the confusion about the naming of previous Mudstick Hill levels. People were concerned that level 3 was missing. It wasn’t – we just mixed up the naming convention, and switched from ‘Level 0, Level -1, Level -2, and then went to ‘Level 4’ instead of Level -3 for the 4th map.   Anyway, we’ve reorganised the folder on DTRPG so it’ll be clear what’s there.

In the meantime, here’s the 5th map of Mudstick, known as Level -4.  This level was originally the basement of the tower, and contains a prison now filled with long-dead prisoners.

MegaMap – The Locus Level 5

And finally we have the preview of the 5th map in The Locus for those on the Sci-Fi tier. Down here are vats full of strange liquid, and cryopods – which seem to be powering the facility.

Ok, so that’s everything previewed!  These maps will be with you in a couple of days time, once Patreon have finished processing everything,

Thanks so much for your support!


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