People and Places of the Pentateuch

A Fantasy Setting Inspired by the World’s Most Famous Book!

The Bible chronicles an epic saga that spans millennia. Rife with tales of betrayal and murder, military conquest and espionage, and apocalyptic events, the stories within are littered with color characters including angels, demons, demigods, monstruous beasts, and divine prophets. The themes within scripture also paint a haunting portrait of the struggles of the human condition, but still convey the enduring power of love, repentance, and mercy.

The People and Places of the Pentateuch builds off the legendary narratives of the Bible to create religiously inspired characters, monsters, and locations to guide readers through a new creative medium so players can dive deeper into scripture within their own epic campaigns!

For those interested in learning more about Biblical text and the verses inspiring the content of this publication, explanatory endnotes, citations, and a full bibliography of sources are included!

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