The Book of Knives

Romantics choose a sword. Barbarians choose an axe. Maniacs choose a hammer. But the truly practical among us choose a knife.

Easy to conceal, efficient to use, and simple to dispose of, daggers offer the shortest, surest path to success for those with steady enough nerves to get within arm’s reach of their quarry. Given that power over life and death can be realized in something as inexpensive and easy to procure as a curved bit of metal or bone, there’s something darkly democratic about a small blade. No wonder it’s been the tool of choice for revolutionaries and assassins since the dawn of time.


THE BOOK OF KNIVES is a collection of rare and legendary blades by CopperHorde’s Chris Sagovac & Luke CJ Smith for Dungeon Masters to incorporate into their campaigns. Each weapon comes with an illustration and an extensive backstory, lovingly crafted to add intrigue and mystery to any game setting.

Among the artifacts included here:

  • The Brass Fang – the weapon of choice for mummy hunters.
  • Uldhrul’s Kiss – a non-magical blade scientifically designed to cleave soul from body.
  • The Jile of Sight – which enables the bearer to see the past through its victim’s eyes.
  • Al Raqsa – the dual-headed “dancing blades” wielded by magic carpet pilots.
  • The Death Cap Dirk – a fungal blade favored by myconid assassins.
  • And many more!

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $0.99


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