The Death Knight Class

A complete playable class with a primary sub-class. This version of the deathknight is built with intent to embody something more than a “fallen paladin” by being a full fledged archetype in its own right.

As a Death Knight, you are a warrior with ties to undeath, with a personal vendetta to bring about the end of some “wrong” that you see in the world. You become the embodiment of this end through “Ruin” and whichever aspect of Ruin that you choose will be the sub-classes you have the chance to choose from.

As enemies fall around you, you learn to weild the power of their souls as a weapon, fuelling your strength as you use the power of Essence to become stronger the longer your battle continues.

This is the launch of the Death Knight Class, which comes with the primary sub-class archetype “The Ruin Of Bone.” Embody what it means to be a skeletal champion, drawing from the elemental calcified nature of Bones to become an unstopable warrior on the battlefield.

Given that this class in particular engauges with monster’s and summoning quite a bit as a primary mechanic, there are also a few new Skeletons in the appendix.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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