The Unapproachable

In the magnificent city of Tozer, although the elite enjoy a decadent lifestyle of privilege and luxury, they nevertheless have their own sort of problems.  Social pressures and responsibilities from all sides test the mettle of even the smartest and most determined among the aristocracy, such as Samal.  Thus when the need arises for a long journey to a faraway place to settle family business, it could be seen as a blessing rather than a curse.  Perhaps it is both.  Bit by bit, the more Samal discovers about her beloved great-uncle, the more mysterious he seems—and he is not even the most enigmatic of her kin.  Assembling the pieces of a familial puzzle becomes steadily more dark and dangerous, and completing the unexpected quest could prove deadly.

THE UNAPPROACHABLE is, hopefully, not what it first seems to be to the players.  It begins as a coming-of-age story, of all things, but then turns to mystery, and finally to darkness.  This is a horror story for a fantasy world.  Part of its charm, though, is meant to be how ordinary it seems at first, while little by little the characters discover that in fact extraordinary things await them.  Slowly a sense of revelation and dread builds, and by the time the players finally feel that they have a grasp on what the quest is actually about, its abrupt, horrific ending is just around the corner.  While its setting and details mark it as Sword and Sorcery, the tale itself is one of Cosmic Horror, and could be handily recast in a modern context.  The plot, tone, and themes emulate those of classic stories of the Cthulhu Mythos, by writers such as Robert Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith, and of course H. P. Lovecraft.

THE UNAPPROACHABLE has been designed as a one-shot adventure for a long weekend of play, but also could be the introduction to a larger campaign.  It is intended for three to five player characters; seven sample adventurers are included, for an instant start.  N.B. The climax is deadly; it is suggested that the provided characters be used, rather than player favorites.  Mechanical details have been constructed using the MYTHRAS game system from The Design Mechanism, and the write-up should translate well to other d100-style rules.  This adventure should be most suitable for players and Games Masters who enjoy deep roleplaying, mystery, tension, and gore.

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