White Boar Wood

To the west of Phsant, nearest the Forest of Lethyr, is a grove within a patch of woodland known as the White Boar Wood. At its center climbs one of the cherished Hendri Oaks, one of the stalwart oaks believed to be connected to Silvanus. Although this might be only a myth based on a childhood story of the Lethyr region, the local farmers know of a protective spirit that roams and protects the tree and grove; a white boar. Two months ago, the white boar has gone missing… while a pale beast runs rampant in the wood, chasing off any trespassers.

Set near the Forest of Lethyr, Thesk.

White Boar Wood is a combat Q-Encounter, or Quick-Encounter, that can be run for a group of four to six players with 10th-level characters.  This encounter would be considered a ‘medium’ to ‘hard’ encounter.

Q-Encounters are designed to drop into your game where needed.  They are meant to add flavor to a campaign, giving a little depth to a combat encounter.

Included is a VTT map pack for use.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $0.99


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