Basilica of the Dune-Cursed Messiah

We thought we would die out here, to be lost beneath the shifting sands of this desert, when the ranger spotted a well.  Of course, there was no water in it, but our voices echoes oddly.  When we took a risk and climbed down the shaft, we discovered an enormous temple full of books and scrolls!  Millennia of forgotten knowledge.  Of course, no great wealth goes unguarded…

This is a system-agnostic dungeon designed to slot easily into whatever kind of campaign you might be running. Use it as a random wilderness encounter, a challenge between your party and that healing break they’re so eager for, or the start to a dragon nemesis campaign.

Contents: 1 double-sided adventure and 1 full-colour map

This product is produced by Caesar Ink and is priced at $0.50


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