Expanded Dragons — Hatchlings to Elder Wyrms

Expanded Dragons – Hatchlings to Elder Wyrms includes the following new additions to Labyrinth Lord:

  • Expanded Age Categories and Abilities – From 1 HD Hatchlings to 21 HD Elder Wyrms!
  • Chromatic Dragon Mutations!
  • Linnorms and Orms – Inspired by Norse myths and legends!
  • Lung Dragons – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood dragons Inspired by Chinese myths and legends, plus the villainous Death Dragons!
  • Pocket Dragons – Look out for swarms of mouse to cat-sized dragons!
  • Dragon Random Encounter Guidelines

Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily used with any Old School RPG system!

Normally $2.99 – $1.49 for a limited time only!

This product is produced by James Mishler Games and is priced at $1.49


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