Giants Bane

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‘Tis true that giants are among the oldest creatures to walk the lands. This is known to everyone. But what now all people, no, only a few know is the truth of how old their kin really is. 

Common giants that we see today tower over men. They are a sight behold, but it be best not to linger. When you see one, run! Their forefathers however, were of an even greater breed. They stood hundreds of feet tall, and some say they were here even before the Gods. They took pride in their size and mocked the world around them, even the mountains.

The spirits of the mountains took offense by that, and invited the giants to a feast. When all giants were gathered, the spirits broke the land around them and the crevices filled with cold water. The giants were trapped in a frozen prison. 

The mountain spirits told the giants they would only be allowed to leave once they admitted that that the mountains were the true giants of the world. Some giants refused and choose the jump across their watery prison walls, but none succeeded, and all who tried to escape drowned in the cold water. 

Thousands of years have passed, but if you’re lucky you can still see their frozen bodies reaching upwards to freedom. They are a testament to their passed greatness, and a warming of of the depths that lie below the ice.

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